Exploring Why Music Makes Us Move More

By Sara McDonnell | 2 May 2024

It is Mental Health Awareness week 13-19th May 2024 and the theme this year is ‘Moving more for our mental health’. We hear all the…

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New year, New Exercise Routine in 2024

By Sara McDonnell | 2 January 2024

The new year always feels like a time for change, getting fitter and investing more in yourself. If changing your fitness routine is one of…

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Why fad diets do not work

By Sara McDonnell | 3 April 2023

It’s an unpopular opinion to say, but there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss – that stays off.  For some people,…

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Motivation vs self-control : Reframing our self talk

By Sara McDonnell | 13 June 2022

Many times a week I hear clients, friends and family express a wish to have the self-control to do something different such as . .…

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Accountability – When and why to seek help with your fitness goals

By Sara McDonnell | 25 February 2022

Have you noticed how motivating yourself can be tricky?  Sometimes the motivation is there and other times it’s nowhere to be found? I totally get it – it happens to me as well. I’m great at motivating others but not necessarily myself.
This is where accountability comes in.

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Loving your body  – a Valentine’s message to ourselves.

By Sara McDonnell | 9 February 2022

I’ll start by saying that loving your body isn’t about loving how it looks every time you look in the mirror – it’s about compassion,…

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