Kick-Start Your Exercise Routine This Summer

By Sara McDonnell | 1 June 2024

As the weather finally gets warmer, it is a great excuse to return to exercise after a break or build on your current routine. Either…

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The Biggest Fitness trends for 2024

By Sara McDonnell | 1 February 2024

As January draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to consider what the key trends might be across the fitness sector for…

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New year, New Exercise Routine in 2024

By Sara McDonnell | 2 January 2024

The new year always feels like a time for change, getting fitter and investing more in yourself. If changing your fitness routine is one of…

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What to expect from a Personal Training Session

By Sara McDonnell | 1 September 2023

I had a fantastic conversation with a potential new client this week and something they said during our initial discussion stuck with me. They said:…

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Training for Sports – Touch Rugby

By Sara McDonnell | 1 June 2023

Many of my clients play sports and sometimes they ask me to build their personal training sessions to help them improve their performance.   I touched…

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Why fad diets do not work

By Sara McDonnell | 3 April 2023

It’s an unpopular opinion to say, but there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss – that stays off.  For some people,…

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