Exercise and Exam Stress

By Sara McDonnell | 1 April 2024

April is Stress Awareness Month and I wanted to focus on how we can all help support the younger people in our lives, specifically through…

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Taking Care of your mental well-being through Movement

By Sara McDonnell | 2 May 2023

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is from 15- 21 May and focuses on the theme of  ‘anxiety’.  The website for the Mental Health Foundation…

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Using exercise to reduce stress

By Sara McDonnell | 30 March 2022

April is stress awareness month and I wanted to explain how stress effect the body and how we can help to combat through exercise. 

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How and when to push yourself during a workout.

By Sara McDonnell | 21 June 2021

Do you ever notice that on some days your workouts just feel that bit easier? Without understanding why, you can push on and achieve more…

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Making movement part of your mental wellbeing toolkit.

By Sara McDonnell | 17 May 2021

Where does giving ourselves room and space to achieve our goals cross over in to making excuses and not training to progress?

Where we are right now? Where we want to be? And how can movement be a part of our mental wellbeing tool kit?

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Why we should all do Pilates

By Sara McDonnell | 15 April 2021

Pilates, originally named ‘Contrology’ by Joseph Pilates, has been around for about 100 years. It became particularly popular after the second world war and is…

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