6 Exercises to Support Your Running Training!

By Sara McDonnell | 1 March 2024

We are on the cusp of another London Marathon and the best of luck if you are running this year.  There are many running events…

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New Year – New Movement?

By Sara McDonnell | 4 January 2023

Happy 2023! The new year is a time of renewed energy and a sense of new beginnings.  As we kick off 2023, it got me…

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Inspiration to keep moving over the festive period.

By Sara McDonnell | 18 November 2022

The festive season can be a busy and stressful time for some, but it is still possible to weave in time to keep moving, without…

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Kick start your exercise routine – Back to routine

By Sara McDonnell | 16 September 2022

September always feels to me a bit like a fresh start, much like we have in January.  As children return to school, we’ve (hopefully) all…

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Are you training for a running event in Autumn 2022 or Spring 2023?

By Sara McDonnell | 15 August 2022

Over recent years there has been a surge in people wanting to run more, in fact a government survey found that between Nov 2019 and…

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Motivation vs self-control : Reframing our self talk

By Sara McDonnell | 13 June 2022

Many times a week I hear clients, friends and family express a wish to have the self-control to do something different such as . .…

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