Why we should all do Pilates

By Sara McDonnell | 15 April 2021

Pilates, originally named ‘Contrology’ by Joseph Pilates, has been around for about 100 years. It became particularly popular after the…

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Building Body Confidence and Health at Every Size

By Sara McDonnell | 9 March 2021

There is a growing movement in the UK “Health at Every Size”, they remind us that our size is not…

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Moving your body

By Sara McDonnell | 17 February 2021

Finding a way to love moving your body, sometimes takes a bit of trial and error.  One of the different…

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Change the way you look at exercise

By Sara McDonnell | 13 January 2021

We can’t help but feel reflective when a new year ticks around and this year, despite the obvious challenges is…

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New year, stronger you? Setting SMART goals for the year ahead!

By Sara McDonnell | 22 December 2020

Unlike some fitness specialists I’m not going to sell you the idea that you need to be a better version…

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Exercises to keep you moving over the festive period.

By Sara McDonnell | 20 November 2020

This year, Christmas is going to look a little different. At time of writing we are not really too sure…

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