Training for Under 16’s

I have a youth exercise speialism, which means I can work with under 16s. We still need to understand the challenges and goals that they would like to achieve, adapting the training especially for thier needs.



I love working with young people, they are always so full of energy and mostly really keen to learn.  I have worked with a number of younger clients and often there is something which is driving them to get stronger, whether it is to overcome stresses at school, help with some mental health challenges or get stronger for a particular sporting activity.  Whatever the challenge I always start by understanding what their goals and ambitions are.

Once I know the history and driver for my clients, I work in a pretty similar way to when I work with adults.  I plan a fun and personalised fitness sessions, which is created for each client, allowing for any injuries or mobility restrictions that you might have.  Any likes or dislikes you have will be incorporated into your session because you should enjoy the session just like older exercisers do - not just feel like you’ve worked hard.



There are many benefits to exercise but for this age demographic in particular, the benefits can be to:

  • Increased body awareness for growing young clients.
  • Increased balance and hand-eye coordination.
  • Learning correct form and technique at a young age to set them up for future exercise.
  • Learning that exercise can be fun and isn’t just about team sports.
  • Prepare them or build strength for a particular sport or team activity.


Helping my clients to
achieve their fitness ambitions.

What our
sessions look like

What our sessions look like

Our training sessions are very similar to if I was working with an adult, but I might make some adjustments along the way.

We may minimise very high impact movements for example as bones and their density still hasn’t full formed in younger clients. Exercise sessions are shorter to cater for shorter attention spans and possible issues with dehydration and fluctuating body temperatures as younger clients can struggle with temperate regulation.


Client Testimonials

“I have been doing Sara’s outdoor fitness classes twice weekly for about 10 weeks (via Zoom during lockdown). They are very enjoyable with a great variety of exercises. Sara is great at motivating you, so whether you are just starting out or are someone who already exercises you will benefit from her sessions. Would definitely recommend.” Aileen, Windsor  

“I never thought I’d find a class where exercise doesn’t seem a chore but Fitness in the Forest is always fun and varied. I always leave feeling energised and set up for the day. I love these sessions :)”

Niki, Windsor (Busy Mum)

“I love the Fitness in the Forest session every Friday, they are always fun, varied and challenging.  I come away feeling really positive and ready for the weekend.  Sara is not at all as I imagined your boot camp trainer to be, she is very knowledgeable and kind.  Thank you, Sara!”

Sophie, Windsor (Small Business owner and Mum of 2)

“Sara is amazing. She has listened to what I would like to achieve and work on and has tailored my workouts to suit me.  No pressure, just support. Thanks, Sara.”

Sharon – Mum of two

“Sara’s sessions are tailored very specifically to my needs (eg knackered knees!) & wants. She’s very encouraging, and her sessions are always varied & interesting.”

Debbie – Newly retired

“Sara is an excellent PT who is very dedicated to her work. I’ve been training with her for over 7 months and each session is thoroughly planned to suit me and my ongoing progress whilst also being mindful of pre-existing injuries.  She is highly knowledgeable offering advice when asked and also flexible, regularly adjusting sessions on the spot to incorporate my toddler when necessary!”

Sumreen – Mum of two

“Sara has been my PT for a few months now and I feel great for it. The improvement is significant! I have joined many gyms in the past and my attendance always starts to fizzle out after the first few months – whereas Sara turns up at my door, right on schedule, with the motivation to get me working hard. Highly recommend!  I am now doing both PT sessions and also Circuit Training (along with some friends who saw my progress and wanted to join up too).”

Clare – Works in the City

“I started training with Sara 5 months ago. I have wanted to train with her for a while but I live a bit too far away so the virtual sessions have now made it possible.

I am really enjoying training with Sara, she is a great PT, very friendly and helps me to feel comfortable.   Every session is slightly different and tailored to my need and ability. She motivates me to push myself that bit harder each session, the 45 minutes fly by!”

Jen – online client

“I cannot recommend training with Sara strongly enough.  My physical AND mental health has improved so much in a short space of time.  Sara’s programmes are specifically designed for my needs and if ever something is uncomfortable, due to old injuries, she’s able to adapt and still provide me with a great workout.  We have fun, and the sessions are always different, keeping me engaged.  Sara’s enthusiasm makes me work hard and the sessions fly by.  I feel the benefits for days after and can’t wait for the next one to come around.”

Tracy – busy mum of 2

“Sara is truly motivating and makes me work hard without even knowing it. In such a short time, I’ve noticed definition, strength and shape change.  She’s also able to explain to me why we do certain exercises, what muscles are working and what they’re all connected to, which previous PTs have not.  I also enjoy the flexibility of the sessions and I can specify what areas of the body I want to work on. This also helps when injuries pop up, we’re able to work around them or cater exercises to help with the recovery.”

Tracey – Competitive Netball player

Client Testimonials


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