Sleep and Exercise – How One Impacts The Other

By Sara McDonnell | 1 July 2023

We often discuss the link between exercise and how it can help you have a better night’s sleep. As we head into the summer, I…

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COVID-19, recovery and returning to exercise

By Sara McDonnell | 26 April 2022

As we learn more and more about the virus that has had such a life changing impart on us all over the last two years,…

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Recovering from injury and returning to working out.

By Sara McDonnell | 9 August 2021

Getting an injury during a workout or in day-to-day life is fairly common and affects us all at some point. When it does what can…

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Exercise as Therapy – Workshop

By Sara McDonnell | 23 March 2020

As a personal trainer and a coach, I am continuing to learn and build on my skills, better enabling me to support my clients, as…

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